“Banana Milkshake Or Cereals?” Sara Ali Khan Is Confused

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Sara has shared a snap of herself, eating down a container of milk, on Instagram Stories.


Sara Ali Khan is in LondonShe is confounded about breakfastRead on to know more

We are knowledgeable in the advantages of hot milk. However, did you realize cold milk is similarly sound and nutritious?

From controling food cravings to keeping the body hydrated, cold milk is a sustaining remedy. However milk can be drunk in not one yet such a large number of ways, it seems as though Sara Ali Khan is a piece confounded.

The entertainer has shared a snap of herself on Instagram Stories, wherein she was eating down a container of milk. “Full fat,” Sara composed alongside a milk sticker. What is the disarray, you inquire? Close by the snap, the entertainer has found out if she ought to have a banana milkshake or cereals with cold milk. An extreme inquiry, right?

While both the things, banana milkshake and oats with cold milk, have their own fan base, what might be your pick? Goody gumdrops. Could it be said that you are likewise confounded as well? No problem, we have connected the recipes for both. Look at it and pursue the decision:

Oat and cold milk

The recipe to set up this bowl of goodness can’t get simpler.

Stage 1: Take a bowl and void a piece of your #1 grain.

Stage 2: Add milk with the goal that the grains are totally plunged. The amount of the milk can rely upon your own inclination. While many like to fill their cup with milk, others like to just make the grains soaked.

Stage 3: If your bowl of grain needs pleasantness. Rather than adding refined sugar, you can shower some honey.

 Banana milkshake

Setting up a banana milkshake is certainly not a dreary undertaking. Presently, let us investigate a standard ordinary banana milkshake recipe.

Stage 1: Put all fixings (1 cup hacked banana, 1 cup milk, 1/4 cup cream, and 1/2 tsp Vanilla substance) in a blender container and mix until smooth. The cream is discretionary.

Stage 2: You can likewise add some milk powder to make a thick consistency.

Stage 3: Pour it into a glass and toss in some squashed ice. Serve chilled.

You can likewise add different components like cocoa powder, or flavors to give a twist to the customary banana milkshake.

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